Test Design Techniques

This 2-day course covers techniques for systematically creating a comprehensive set of test cases for a given project. Specific techniques covered on day one  include decision tables, orthogonal arrays, state transition diagrams, equivalence classes, boundary value analysis and an introduction to code coverage. Day two focuses on testing the product as opposed to testing the specification.

Upon completing this course you will be able to

Systemically derive test cases from requirements
Use exploratory techniques to systematically test the product.
Effectively separate test scripts from test cases
Plan the test case design activities
Document your test cases
Understand the role of code coverage tools in the system test process
Select the best test design techniques for the product development process

Additional Topics Include:

Black Box testing
White box testing
Equivalence Class Partitioning
Boundary Value Analysis
Orthogonal Array Testing (OATS)
Statement/decision/condition coverage
Cyclomatic complexity
Basis path coverage
Test design basics