Selecting and Executing the Most Critical Test Cases:

This very practical course addresses the question of how to optimize the use of limited time and resources during the test execution process. The assumption is made that during test design, more test cases have been identified than is feasible or necessary to execute.

This course teaches how to use risk analysis along with other test set reduction techniques to select the most crucial test cases to execute. Management of the actual test execution process is also covered.

Upon completing this course you will

Know how test execution fits into the overall test process
Risk-Based selection techniques for test design
How to apply a number of standard test set reduction techniques
Trade-offs among the various approaches to test automation
Techniques for tracking bugs and successfully interacting with developers

Additional Topics include:

Risk Analysis
Test Execution Strategies
Applying Risk Analysis
Test Set Reduction Techniques
Regression Testing of Legacy Systems
Impact Analysis
Incremental Automation
Monitoring and controlling Test Progress
Automation Techniques and Tools
Capture and Playback
Under the Interface