Scrum for the Management Team

To enable the successful execution of Scrum at the team level, Scrum teams need managers to understand how they are working, why they are working that way, and what support they need from the organization.

Successful Agile organizations pay as much attention to fundamental management issues as do traditional organizations. Mature Agile organizations plan, track, perform risk analysis, budget, allocate resources, manage client relationships, prioritize, manage product portfolios,  care about motivating and rewarding employees, etc.,  but the agile approach to these issues is quite different from the traditional approach.  Adopting Scrum at the team level is not sufficient to make an organization Agile. To maximize the benefit of Scrum, Scum teams require the support of a management team committed to making the entire organization agile. 

This one day interactive seminar gets the management team discussing the issues an organization will face as they attempt to become agile. While each organization must customize their unique path to agility, the instructor will discuss solutions that other companies have found useful.

A Scrum adoption by the development teams is assumed.