Grooming and Slicing the Product Backlog - A Vital Scrum Skill

In this practical workshop, we teach you how to apply scenario based slicing skills to slice Scrum Product Backlog Items into appropriately sized items ready for the Sprint Planning Meeting.  Product owners often define stories that are too big to develop or test within a sprint.  A team member with scenario basedslicing skills can help the product owner slice features into small sprint-sized items that can easily be developed and tested within a sprint. This is a crucial skill that many Scrum teams lack. In this workshop, we will demonstrate the technique, then have the workshop participants apply the technique on their own producing appropriately sliced and sized items along with a set off acceptance criteria that will be needed to determine when the team is done with the item.

This one day workshop is for product owners, testers, analysts, or any team member who help groom the product backlog.