Fundamentals of Software Testing

This class is a comprehensive review of the fundamental principles of software testing. The course gives an overview of the entire test process including test planning, test design, and test execution

If you are new to testing, this course is an excellent practical introduction to the field of testing. If you are an experienced tester, this class will give you an opportunity to compare your experience with the current state of the art.

This course covers the prerequisite knowledge necessary for a test professional whether they are working in a tradition waterfall environment or in a more modern agile environment.

Upon completing this course you will be able to

Understand the real goal of testing and the role of a tester.
Create an appropriate test process to match the corporate development process.
Avoid common testing mistakes
Use test terminology and vocabulary correctly
list testing activities and phases
create appropriate test plans and documentation
creat a set of test cases that includes bot functional and non-functional test cases
better add value to your organization

Additional Topics Indlude:

Test scripts/procedures
Test Strategies
Black box/Glass box/Gray box testing/White box
Testing in an Agile, Scrum environment
Exploritory testing concepts
Negative Testing
Test Automation concepts 
Static Testing
Integration Testing
Smoke Testing
Regression Testing
User Acceptance Testing/Alpha/Beta Testing