Certified Scrum Product Owner

The Scrum Product Owner is the "single wringable neck" responsible for ensuring that a Scrum effort delivers business value to its stakeholders. Many claim it is the most difficult and pivotal role in Scrum.

This course covers all the Scrum basics as does the ScrumMaster course, but the focus of this course is on the Scrum Product Owner Role. The target audience includes traditional project managers, product managers, business analysts, managers of supporting departments, mid and senior level managers and other business persons that may be called upon to take on, or interact with, the product owner role on a Scrum product development effort.

This course focuses on applying the principles of Lean and Agile software development to product and portfolio management. A new Scrum product owner may face challenges in implementing agile product management because it takes time for an organization to become fully agile. Thus in addition to teaching Scrum, this course discusses approaches to helping organizations make a transition to organizational Scrum and be successful with Scrum teams during the transition.

All CSPO courses are taught or co-taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and cross-listed on the Scrum Alliance Website.

Attendees of this course may claim 14 PDUs