About us

Experience: Our consultants have the highest levels of academic credentials as well as extensive industry experience. Our speciality is helping our clients adapt their management, requirements and QA and test processes to the most recent product development technologies and processes. Back in the 1980s and 90s we pioneered many of the object-oriented testing and management techniques. Today we continue to help our clients with adapting to new agile technologies, processes, and tools.

Our consultants have provided services to 100’s of companies. We have clients around the world and are frequently invited to give keynotes and tutorials at the major international software conferences.

Mission: Our mission is to educate and coach your managers, analysts, testers, and the entire development staff to become hyper-productive teams, delivering solutions that delight their stakeholders by embedding the mind of the user in the systems they create. To accomplish this mission, our training and coaching activities focus on assisting traditional project managers, test professionals, and technical leads as they transition into their new roles as agile team members, product owners, scrum masters, and facilitators of large scale Scrum at the organizational level.

Philosophy: We subscribe to the principles of Lean and Agile software development and strive to help and teach our clients to remove impediments instead of working around them. However, we are pragmatic in our approach and realize that it takes time for an organization to become fully agile. We specialize in helping organizations make this transition and be successful with agile teams during the transition.

We use the term quasi-agile to describe the situation where part of the organization is attempting to be fully agile but is constrained in their adoption of agile practices because of corporate structure, policies and procedures derived from a traditional compartmentalized, waterfall approach. If you are living in a quasi-agile world and need help, call us.

Benefits: When you work with us, you will get an experienced senior consultant.

Full-service capabilities: Training, consulting, mentoring and process definition at both the project and organizational levels.

History: QualSys Solutions evolved from Korson-McGregor and Software Architects.

tim black Dr. Timothy Korson
Certified Scrum Trainer;
Founder and Senior Partner