External Auditing

We have provided comprehensive review services to a number of companies. These engagements vary in depth and scope but are generally strategic-level activities. Over 30 years experience in this field has shown that our services often cross many functional areas within a company.  This experience allows us to understand the complete context where product development takes place.

We provide both organizational level audits and project level audits.

We are able to provide many types of audits, but our current focus is on auditing the level and maturity of adoption of agile development practices. Often a first step in considering an organization's strategic approach to agile practices should be an independent assessment of the organization's current level and maturity of agile practices and identification of the major impediments to further adoption.

We typically spend 2-4 days gathering data and writing our initial report. This initial report can be followed up with whatever level of detail required by your organization.

Firms looking to outsource development to a group claiming to be agile may want to use our services to assess the real agile capability of the potential client.