The Art of Disciplined Exploratory Testing

The course teaches the art of disciplined exploratory testing and shows how to integrate exploratory techniques into a comprehensive testing process. The strengths and weakness of other testing approaches are explored so that the participant will understand how best to fit exploratory testing into a test process optimized for their own local situation. The instructor will show you how to use and document exploratory testing in highly regulated, life-critical applications such as aircraft control or medical systems as well as a lighter weight approach suited to non-life-critical commercial systems or in-house support applications.

The bottom line objective of this course is to help you maximize your return on investment for funds spent on testing by integrating the strengths of exploratory testing into your testing practices.


Target Audience

The class is useful to all levels of testers seeking to enhance their testing skills and become expert testers. We welcome testers and managers skeptical of exploratory techniques, as well as those who have tried it and want to become better at it.

Test managers seeking to understand how disciplined exploratory testing can be planned, managed and documented need to attend this course.

Testers working on agile projects will find disciplined exploratory skills essential to their success.

Anyone involved in any form of user acceptance testing, or rapid verification of outsourced work will find this class especially useful.


Course Contents

Exploratory testing defined

Comparison of exploratory testing to other testing techniques

Exploratory testing techniques

Planning and monitoring exploratory testing

Executing exploratory testing

Documenting Exploratory testing

Exploratory testing on agile projects

Exploratory testing myths

Case studies of Exploratory testing


Upon completion of the course you will have learned:

Exploratory testing skills and techniques

How to integrate exploratory techniques into your test process

How to plan, manage, and document exploratory testing

How to find the most critical bugs quickly.

Concise, universal heuristics and models for instant test design

A variety of approaches to exploratory testing

The strengths and weaknesses of exploratory testing relative to other testing techniques.

How to test despite ambiguous or missing specifications