Dancing with Pigs


There are many ways to choreograph the activities within a sprint, but all of them involve intricate, dance like, interactions among testers, product owners, other team members and stakeholders.

Becoming good at agile development is a little like learning to dance. Some of us are naturally born dancers and learn quickly and seemingly effortlessly. Others of us struggle for quite a while to get our two left feet coordinating effectively with the rest of the team. But natural or not, every team member needs to become good at the agile dance. This article hopes to help you become a better dancer by exploring some of the principles of agile interactions that I have seen play out on a number of scrum teams. More specifically, we will focus on those interactions necessary to discovering and elaborating requirements within the context of the Scrum framework.  For clarity of discussion, I assume the simple context of a single scrum team building a product with a typical set of diverse stakeholders. The principles scale, but the details add unnecessary complexity to this paper.


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