Attendee feedback

"Instructor was phenomenal! Real scenarios and experience - not just information you can get in a book." Angie, CSM class

 "Thanks for your excellent tutorial in Orlando! It was exactly the kind of information I was hoping to learn at the conference " Brian Gibbons, Agile management Tutorial

"I am still raving about your seminar to my co-workers" John Finney, Caterpillar

"Tim was a great instructor, related to the group, provided examples and was easy going with questions, etc." Melissa Brinkman

"Awesome instructor!! Far more than I expected. Great speaker - engaging - enthusiastic  - knowledgeable. Total recommendation."  Marie Hollister

"I like the use of decision tables to clarify the requirements. This will help when I am reviewing requests before I develop them." Chase De Groot

"Outstanding Instructor" Kenneth Fisher

"Best instructor I've had. Very knowledgeable and kept my attention." Sylvia Bridges

"Great job with the pace. Not too fast. Not too slow. Just right!" Sheryl Fletcher

"Great class interaction" Sandy Gosnell

"Overall I was greatly pleased with the information that I learned in the class. I plan on bringing back to work many of the techniques learned in class." Kristi Moen