Three Levels of Scrum Adoption

All too often I see teams that have adopted the form of Scrum, but have missed the essence. It is quite possible to have an ordered backlog, 2 week sprints, sprint planning meetings, daily scrums, retrospectives, etc. and still not be agile. One common way to have the form of Scrum without the essence is to treat Scrum as a series of mini waterfalls, with code thrown over the cubical wall on day eight and all testing relegated to designated team members at the end of the sprint. Worse yet, the teams could decide to perform testing one sprint out of phase with development. Another very common pitfall is to have different Scrum team members reporting to different line managers.  Some of these issues are bigger impediments than others. As I have worked with different organization using Scrum, in my mind they seem to fall into one of three categories based on the maturity of their level of adoption of Scrum.

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